Why Host With Integrity?

We built our wholesale web hosting business by providing
quality service that allows individuals to realize great value,
and resellers to make huge profits.

Our 24x7 support and helpful resources enables you to look
good to your clients, and satisfied clients refer others.
We know we can only grow by helping you grow.

At Integrity Host we provide managed dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers, grid-cluster hosting, VPS accounts, private-label reseller accounts, and individual hosting accounts to businesses and individuals around the world. Our headquarters is in Kansas City, MO. We have our servers in world-class, completely redundant data centers in Dallas, Seattle, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. Our sales force and support staff are located across the US and around the globe which gives a unique representation that helps us maintain our client base that resides on all seven continents. Integrityhost.com was officially launched in January 2004 and quickly became a well-known web hosting service provider during its first few months of explosive growth. We will continue to increase our talented staff of trained specialists, and acquire innovative resources to assist our clients as we grow. Our hosting solutions are available on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows platforms.


Demonstrate integrity: We are committed to providing an excellent service at a fair price while maintaining high standards of integrity. We believe it is because we uphold these values that we have experienced success in such a competitive environment.

Customers can tell the difference: We never want to forget that helping our customers grow their own businesses is the main reason we exist. Ideally, we'd like our customers to feel like our company is small enough provide them with the attention they deserve; but big enough to provide them with the world-class resources and support they demand. We are not striving for global domination. In a market with millions of potential clients we are satisfied to gain a relatively moderate market share and provide those customers with an excellent value for their money. By doing this we believe we will grow steadily in size and profitability. While many large start-up hosting companies remain debt-ridden for years and frequently never emerge from it, we started small and became profitable during our first year of operation.

Make big-business resources affordable for all: By developing close partnerships and positioning ourselves to reap the benefits of shared resources, we have made web hosting an affordable enterprise to anyone who wants a website. Where a local ISP might be able to offer 50MB of web space on a server with a 1.5MBps connection for $20/month, we can provide a hundred times more space and speed for a fraction of the price PLUS include a wealth of valuable tools. The tools listed on our FEATURES page would cost hundreds of dollars if an individual were to license them seperately. Click to learn more about a great business opportunity reselling hosting as a private reseller.


Multiple Data Centers: Our servers are hosted in multiple data centers, on fully meshed Cisco Certified Networks. Each location has OC-48 sonet rings from multiple carriers coming directly into the building and is redundantly distributed to provide access to our servers. All networks are monitored 24 x 7 by multiple Network Operation Centers (NOCs). Click to view the network details of our Dallas data center or our Fort Worth data center. Data center details are available for Seattle, Washington D.C., New Jersey, and Los Angeles upon request via email to bestprice@integrityhost.com.

Data Center Details:

  • Multiple Electrical Grids
  • Recorded video surveillance
  • Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Redundant Data Air AC units
  • Six 500 kva UPS systems
  • Multiple Cummins backup generators
  • 15 days of backup power before refueling
  • Cisco Certified Network
  • Ten Tier-1 backbones
  • 24 x 7 security and technical coverage
    Our Data Center in Dallas, Texas

    "Integrity is a mindset that guides our personal and professional behavior requiring honesty, trustworthiness, and character."

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